Peter Ford Catering brings you a series of Masterclasses and events for 2021 which are immersive, educational and on location. Featuring produce from our local region, you'll enjoy the sights and sounds of the featured producer venue, whilst learning from innovative local chef, Peter Ford.

20 February

Sacred Meat in Sacred Places with Peter Ford

11.00am at Sacred Heart Convent, Ballarat

This is a meat masterclass held in the majestic former chapel of the 19th century Sacred Heart Convent by award winning chef Peter Ford.

Over two information packed hours, Peter will respectfully pay homage to locally grown pork, poultry and lamb, breaking down the beasts into the cuts we use every day.

In this class you will learn skills essential in the home kitchen and leave with a better understanding on how to prepare different cuts of meat. After this masterclass, join Peter for some meaty treats freshly grilled over coals with a glass of local wine. A great chance to brush up on your meat skills and enjoy this magnificent historic location.


Latta Vino Pinot Noir Image

Date TBC

Masterclasses with Peter Ford Catering

Pinot & Game at Latta Vino, Eastern Peake Vineyard

Masterclasses: Immersive, educational and on location - cooking with game and the marriage of Pinot & Game. Lunch at Latta Vino.

20 February

The Hungry Gentlemen and Peter Ford

3.30pm at Sacred Heart Convent, Ballarat

The True Story of Oysters and Champagne

Do you like oysters? Do you like bubbles? Do you like being told amazing stories?

Then join award winning wine and food writers Max Allen and Richard Cornish – The Hungry Gentleman – as they recount the stories of the amazing oyster reefs that once existed the shallow waters of our bays and around the coast. They described their beautiful and diverse ecosystems, teeming with fish and as biodiverse as rainforests, they were harvested to feed Gold Rush Melbourne and Ballarat.

A live spoken word one hour presentation will be delivered in a secret historic Ballarat location, while Ballarat food icon Peter Ford will be opening dozens of the fresh oysters to be shared with our local sparkling wine from Taltarni afterwards.

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